Kicherra Chisolm

Hello fellow artist, I’m Kicherra Chisolm.  I’m a true appreciator of all things beautiful and
creative. I draw most of my inspiration from nature and  things I see in my day to day life.
Portraits and still lives are predominantly my favorite things to draw however I do enjoy
experimenting with a lot of abstract techniques and practices. I studied at the Art
Institute of Charlotte and I’m also a licensed skin care specialist and makeup artist with
9 years of experience. Currently I am the art and music coordinator of a Child
Development Center and it brings me lots of joy to allow children to embrace their
creativity and their individuality. My artistic philosophy is that every artist was first an
amateur. You’re never too young or too old to become an incredible, phenomenal,
wonderful artist. It’s my personal mission to spread Joy, creativity and beauty with and
through my art.


  Gina Helms

Gina is originally from Maryland, now living in Fort Mill, SC with her husband, daughter, and 4 dogs. Gina has a degree in Graphic Design, and a minor is Art History from York College of Pennsylvania. In addition to painting, Gina enjoys other creative pastimes such as stained glass, mosaics, jewelry making, sewing, and crocheting. Come join Gina for a relaxing and fun paint party to create your own piece of unique art!